Every day our students are bombarded with false claims from peers, music, media, and movies. Without a firm conviction in God’s Word, they face these challenges unprepared. Students need the best training our churches can offer from shepherds to help them connect the Bible to real life.

This year at Engage we will be discussing and thinking about the topic of God and money. Our faith influences our beliefs regarding debt, gambling, giving to the church, investing, and saving. Is it  possible to worship God through our finances? These are the topics we will address.

We hope you’ll consider participating in Engage this year on March 18th. This is a great opportunity for our students to grow in their faith, critical thinking skills, and love of the Gospel. Engage is open to all students, male and female, grades 7-12.

If you are interested in joining us, please look through our brochure and consider turning in an application in person or by mail to the Bethany Baptist Church office at 7422 Heinz Lane Edwards, Illinois 61528 or by emailing hannah@bethanycentral.org

Applications are due by February 12th.

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