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Our daily devotions accompany the Easter teaching series, Close Encounters with Christ, a seven-part sermon series about the individuals and groups of people in the New Testament that experienced and interacted with Jesus during the week of His crucifixion, but ultimately missed out on truly understanding who He is:

  1. The Self-Righteous Hypocrite – The Priests | 3.17
  2. The Sorry Traitor – Judas | 3.24
  3. The Worldly Skeptics – Pilate | 3.31
  4. The Fickle Followers – The Mob | 4.7
  5. The Despicable Scoffer – The Thief | 4.14
  6. The Hardened Warriors – The Soldiers | 4.19
  7. The Forgetful Doubters – The Disciples | 4.21

This accompanying guide will offer daily readings leading up to Sunday’s sermon, as well as a day for reflection on Saturday, with questions you can use in your weekly Small Groups as well, all culminating with the gathered worship service on Sunday morning. This is a great opportunity to connect in the Word with your friends, family members, and church community. Beginning Monday, March 25, devotions will be published here each day with a Scripture meditation and reading.

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