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Our daily devotions accompany Bethany’s Fall teaching series, WORSHIP: The Right Response in Every Season, a sermon series about learning to embrace and exhibit a biblical and God-honoring posture of worship, whether we are at the summit of life’s mountaintops or in the darkest of its valleys.

Here are the upcoming sermons in this series:

  1. In Times of Deep Suffering: Worship Through Lament – Psalm 13 | 8.11
  2. In Times of Grave Sin: Worship Through Confession – Psalm 51 | 8.18
  3. In Times of Strong Attack: Worship Through Plea – Psalm 91 | 8.25
  4. In Times of Much Blessing: Worship Through Thanksgiving – Psalm 100 | 9.01

This accompanying devotion guide offers daily readings leading up to Sunday’s sermon, including a day for reflection on Saturday, with questions you can use in your weekly Small Groups, culminating in the gathered worship service on Sunday morning. This is a great opportunity to connect in the Word with your friends, family members, and church community.

In the month of August, new devotions will be published here Monday through Saturday.

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View Devotion Archives Download Booklet (PDF)

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