Ladies Bible Study (Daniel 9-12)

October 19, 2020 @ 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Bethany Baptist Church
Dede Warner

Leader: Kimberly Boerckel
Start/End Dates: September 14-November 2
Meets: @ Bethany Baptist Church
Time: 4:00pm
Cost: $10 for materials

“The world’s future—yes, your future—-is inexorably tied to Israel’s future. This study from Daniel 9-12 helps you see why In the Future of Israel, John MacArthur looks at highly detailed prophecies about Israel that have come true, prophecies yet to be fulfilled, and the unique measures God will take to preserve His chosen people during the explosive, deadly period known as the Great Tribulation.”

We will be taking 8 weeks to observe these 4 chapters in-depth (2 weeks on each chapter).  This will include marking the text in your reading and making observations and lists.  Also, you will receive John Macarthur’s study guide and questions which you will use each week as your homework alongside your scripture text observations.

Finally, there will be one sermon per week that coincides with our study guide you can access on . Then, we will come together and discuss all that we have gleaned for the week.  I am so excited about this study.  I hope you will join us!