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Give Christ


If we are in Christ, we may be faithful or unfaithful, but we are ambassadors for Christ. And as ambassadors, we do not make up our own message; we do not have our own words to speak. We are given a message by the One who sent us.

The Judgment of Unbelievers at the Resurrection


God wrote a book and will hold us accountable for receiving it or rejecting it. His Son was given in love so that no one need perish on that last day.

Proclaiming The Gospel, Part 1


Significance in our lives flows from serving our Lord Jesus with faith and zeal. While Jesus does not call every one of His disciples to change their vocation in life, He does call every one of His disciples to change their mission for life.

The Love of God Shown in the Light of the Son


God’s love is shown in the light of the Son. We either continue to reject God, love our sin, and stay condemned or we come into the light of Jesus and live.

Let the Nations Sing to the Lord!


Missions begins with God’s people rejoicing in God Himself. Whenever God’s people worship God with fervor, we are spilling fuel to ignite a fire for missions in the church.

Godly Sorrow for the Unsaved


In this message from Romans 9:1-13, Pastor Ritch teaches about the seeming contradiction between God’s sovereign power over salvation and the lack of faith so many people have demonstrated both in Bible times and today.

The Greatest Miracle of Jesus


Of the seven miracles Jesus performed in the book of John, which was the greatest? In this message from John 20:30-31, Dr. Sukhwant Bhatia offers challenging insights into these miraculous works, and shares the most miraculous work of all.

2014.10.19 Study Guide

Session 64: Youth Questions, Heaven Travel / Witnessing

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