Worship Bulletin – January 17, 2021 Today

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Call to Worship
All Hail The Power Of Jesus Name
Come Thou Fount Come Thou King
King of Kings
In Christ Alone
*10am only
Scripture Reading – Acts 2:1-13 (page 909)
Sermon: The Spirit Arrives!
Rushing Wind


8:30am   Elevated Precaution Worship
9:00am   College Class (JH Room)
9:15am   JH/SH Discipleship Training
10:00am  Mild Precaution Worship
Nursery (crawlers-2yrs)
Sunday School (3yrs-6th grade)
11:15am   JH/SH Hangout

11:00am   Grandparents @ Prayer

6:45am   Mens’ Bible Study—Jeremiah
9:00am   Mens’ Bible Study—Ephesians
6:30pm   Adult Co-Ed Soccer

6:00pm   Youth Group



We would like to express our deepest sympathies to the following families:

  • Jane & Jeff Williamson on the loss of Jane’s dad, Jim Fenton on Jan. 3.
  • Brian and Kristi DeBacker and family on the loss of Kristi’s dad, Ken Cooper, on Jan. 6th.
  • Bill Jackson on the loss of his wife, Judy on Jan. 7th.
  • Scott & Heidi Crumrine and Moriah Crumrine on the loss of their father/grandfather, Gene Crumrine, on Jan. 11th.
  • Zach Mayne (Levi, Nate & Hannah), Jeff & JoEllen Borden and family on the loss of wife, mother, daughter and sister, Jodi Mayne, on Jan. 11th.

The Gospel Institute | Survey of the Bible
Monday Evenings, January 25-March 8 | 6-9pm
While comprised of 66 individual books written by many authors, the Bible is one Book written by one Author. Every believer will benefit from studying the big picture of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. It is common for believers to read individual parts of the Bible without understanding how those parts fit into the whole. This class is designed to encourage believers who are at all levels of Bible knowledge to know God through His Word.

Come and learn more about the whole message God gave to us through His Book! Cost for resources: $30. Sign up on your mybethany or call the church office.

BEST Lunch
Boomers Engaged in Sharing and Serving Together
Please join us for a soup & salad lunch on Thursday, January 28th at 12:00pm in the Bethany cafe. RSVP on today’s Communication Card or call the church office.

Ladies’ Bible Studies
Winter/Spring 2021 – Online and In-Person options available
New Bible studies begin January 25th! See the brochure at the Welcome Center or view classes at bethanycentral.org.

Church Membership
On January 31st during the morning worship services, we will be voting on new members. If you have questions, please contact an elder.
Saturday, Jan. 30 | 8:00-11:00am
Interested in learning more about Bethany or becoming a church member? Attend this one-day class! Sign up on today’s communication card or email dianna@bethanycentral.org.

Better Together
THE GOSPEL & TOUGH TOPICS — Wednesdays at 6:30pm
An eight-part mini-series helping us think biblically about current cultural issues.

1.27 – Sufficiency of Scripture & Charity with Others
2.03 – Personhood, Science & Abortion
2.10 – Race & Ethnicity
2.17 – Politics & Economics 3.24 – Climate Change
2.24 – Sexuality | Part 1
3.03 – Sexuality | Part 2
3.10 – Media, Reality & Truth

Biblical Counseling Training Conference
February 15-19
Bethany will be live-streaming the Faith Biblical Counseling Training Conference. If you are interested in attending, please contact jake@bethanycentral.org.

Financial Update

Weekly Need // $52,746
Received Last Week //$
2020-2021 Budget //

Sermon Notes

Question #1:  What does the Holy Spirit bring us when He comes?

  1. The Holy Spirit brings us the life-giving power of God.
  2. The Holy Spirit brings us into the pure presence of God.

Questions #2:  What practical impact does the Holy Spirit have on God’s people?

  1. He unites a diverse people into one family.
  2. He creates a witnessing church.

For reflection:
Why did God send the Holy Spirit to dwell within His people?
Why is the Holy Spirit important to you?

For discussion:
What practical differences did the Holy Spirit make on the believers in the first century?
What practical differences does the Holy Spirit make on the believers in our time and place?
How do we know whether or not we are filled with the Holy Spirit?
How might we experience more of the Holy Spirit’s ministry in our lives and church?
What hinders the Holy Spirit from working in our lives and our church?  What can we personally do to weaken those hindrances?