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April 30, 2023

Video Discussion Q+A

1) Who captured the Disciples and put them in prison? Why?

The High Priest and the rest of the Sadducees that were a part of the Sahedrin, the leaders of Israel. The put the Disciples in prison because they were jealous of the popularity they had with the people, more and more people joining the disciples, and because of the miracles that were being done through them.

2) How did the disciples escape prison? What were they commanded to do after escaping?

God sent an angel to come and bring them out of the prison. The angel told the disciples that instead of going and hiding, that they should go to the temple in front of everyone and keep talking about the Gospel of Jesus.

3) What were the disciples commanded NOT to do by the Jewish Leaders? What was Peter’s Answer?

They were commanded to not preach or declare any message through the name of Jesus. Peter answered the Sanhedrin and told them that he and the rest of the disciples were going to obey God instead of obeying men. Peter then shared the Gospel with them and told them that he and the rest of the disciples were witnesses to the resurrection of Jesus.

4) Why did the Council want to kill the disciples? What stopped them?

The Counsel, or the Sanhedrin, wanted to kill them because the disciples were claiming that they killed the Messiah that was promised in the Old Testament. They also wanted to kill them because they were claiming that they had the Holy Spirit of God in them and the Holy Spirit is given to any who obey Jesus. That meant that the Jewish leaders were then disobeying God, killed the Messiah, and did not have the Holy Spirit. The reason why the Sanhedrin didn’t try to kill them was because a pharisee named Gamaliel convinced them to let the ‘Jesus movement’ play out. There were other ‘so-called’ messiahs that had come before Jesus and they all fizzled out. Gamaliel said that if Jesus wasn’t the true messiah, his followers would come to nothing. But if Jesus was the messiah, there was nothing they could do to stop it. So, he was telling them to be patient and see what would happen.

5) When the Disciples were let go, why did they rejoice?

They rejoiced that they were able to suffer in a way that was similar to Jesus. In this, they were able to rejoice that Jesus would have them suffer because of his name. They considered it an honor to suffer because they identified with Jesus and God would see their suffering and not let it be in vain. And so they kept preaching and telling people about Jesus and that he truly was and is the Messiah.

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