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September 17, 2023

Video Discussion Q+A

1) What does Paul tell us in 20:22-24 that he’s planning to do?

He’s wanting to go to Jerusalem in time for Pentecost and knows that through the Spirit that he’s going to suffer imprisonment and trials. Even though he knows this, he wants only to finish and do the mission that God has for him.

2) What did Agabus prophesy to Paul when he was going through Caesarea on the way to Jerusalem? 21:11

Agabus came up to Paul and took his belt and bound his hands and feet in it and prophesied that this was how Paul was going to be handed over from the Jews to the Gentiles. Paul hears this and he says he’s ready for anything, even death if it is the Lord’s will.

3) What did the Jews from Asia that were in Jerusalem accuse Paul of? 21:28

They accused him of teaching against the Law of Moses and against the Temple (The same things Stephen and the Lord Jesus were accused of).

4) After Paul was arrested, how was he able to give a speech to the crowd? Why did they start to listen and become quiet?

Paul asked the Roman Tribune if he could speak to the people, and the Tribune (probably wanting the mob to stop) surprisingly said yes. Paul started speaking to the Jerusalem Crowd in Hebrew.

5) Why did the Jewish people stop listening to Paul’s speech?

It was when they heard him share of the mission that Jesus gave to Paul to go to the gentiles. Their hatred of gentiles overcame all sense they had. Even though the Old Testament Scripture prophesied these things, they did not want to hear it.

6) What encouragement can we take from Paul through these stories?

In these 3 chapters of Acts, we see Paul’s example for us to follow. We see his willingness to suffer and die for Christ, his commitment to God’s plan for him, his wisdom in knowing how to love the church, his boldness before the people, his zeal to share the Gospel, and his faithfulness to whatever the Lord had for him there. Here we see that even what man means for evil, God means for good, so that many would come to know Christ eventually in Rome because of this. What an amazing God we serve!