The adult Sunday school ministry of Bethany (“Adult Bible Communities” or simply ABC’s) are groups that gather regularly to pray, teach God’s Word, grow in discipleship, and serve in the church together. ABC’s apply God’s word to life’s circumstances in a cross-generational, discipleship-focused environment (Heb. 10:24-25). As we navigate a rapidly changing landscape during this pandemic, our ABC classes are meeting at various times and locations. Many meet on Sunday mornings, but the meeting time and location are not yet back to regular rhythms.

To get connected with an ABC, contact the church office and we will help you find a group that’s a great fit!

Dust to Glory

Room 401 — Ritch Boerckel, Chad & Julie Herman
Every Sunday at 10:00am
All Ages

Current Topic: Old Testament

The Dust to Glory class is a group that meets in Room 401 every week. This is a vibrant fellowship of believers of all ages. D2G class members can look forward to building relationships with one another through brunches, fellowship events, service and missions opportunities, and care groups.

Recent Classes

The Life

Room 401 — Billy Schick
Every Sunday at 9:00am
College, Career & 20’s

Current Topic: 1 Corinthians

This ABC class equips college students, young careers and anyone in their 20’s for everyday life through the power of God’s Word and the encouragement of fellowshipping with other believers. They strive to see genuine faith lived out, giving young adults opportunity to serve and share their faith with others.

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Salt & Light

Room 816– Justin Bailey
(not currently meeting)
All Ages

Current Topic: 1 Kings

The Salt and Light class is a community of young couples that pray for and serve one another and others, ministering locally and abroad, fellowshipping together and relying on one another. The basis of their study is God’s Word and they work to apply what they learn in everyday life.


Room 813 — Cal Benedict
(not currently meeting)
Married Couples

Current Topic: Genesis

The Foundations class is dedicated to exploring the glory of God through the lens of Scripture and applying truth in everyday life.  They are committed to fellowship and encouragement of one another, reaching out to the community, and the study of the foundational truths of God’s word. This class is for adults of all ages.


Room 808 — Dave Schellenberg
Every other Sunday at 10:00am
Various Ages, 40’s-60’s

Current Topic: 1 & 2 Peter

Crossroads is a team-taught adult class for all ages. This class’ goal is to grow in the likeness of Christ through encouraging one another’s faith in fellowship and prayer, establishing a firm foundation for their lives through focused Bible studies and application, and demonstrating the love of Christ through service and care for one another.


Room 811 — Paul Slopak
(not currently meeting)
Senior Adults

Current Topic: the Old & New Testaments

The Bereans class is a fellowship of senior adults. This class is studying an eight-year walk through the Bible by alternating books of the Bible from the Old Testament and New Testament each quarter.


Room 808 — Mark Ellison
Every Sunday at 9:00am
Various Ages

Current Topic: “What does the Bible say?”

In CrossPoint, adults of all ages discover answers to this question in a fun and engaging environment, as they study Christian beliefs and Christian living.

Joint Heirs

Room 815 — Tom Schlich
Every Sunday at 9:00am
Various Ages

Current Topic: Titus

Various age groups are a part of the Joint Heirs class. Past studies include Christian Ethics, Principles of a Christian Family, the Role of Law in the Christian Life, Colossians, and the Implications of Being Created in the Image of God.

The Master’s Touch

Room 404 — Brad Dunham
Every Sunday at 8:45am
Various Ages

Current Topic: The Bible
Mild precaution—masks optional

  • How do we know the Bible is God’s Word?
  • Are there any errors in the Bible?
  • Is the Bible enough for us to know what to do and think?

All are welcome to join us as we look at the Authority of God’s Word, the Inerrancy of God’s Word and the Sufficiency of God’s Word.

Temple Builders

Room 805 — Bill Tate & Mark Schellenberg
Every Sunday at 10:00am
Various Ages

Current Topic: Pauls message to the Galatian churches

The Temple Builders class is made up of a cross-section of adults studying the Bible verse-by-verse. They have active class participation with lively discussions. Visit them soon. You will feel welcome!