Our new 10AM Sunday School classes are for potty-trained children age 3 years through 6th grade. Our excellent volunteer staff of teachers and leaders are background checked and committed to nurturing the spiritual needs and well being of each child in their class. Thank you so much for letting us share God’s Word with your children! We are very excited to have the opportunity to support you in the discipleship of your children.

As we adjust to ministry during Covid, for the temporary future here is our plan moving forward during the 2020/21 Sunday School Year:

The Plan  

In this first step of resuming Children’s Ministries indoors our aim is to provide safe, Gospel-centered discipleship for as many children as possible within the limitations of physical space and available volunteers that we face. We realize that it will be a little different with these considerations, but our sincere hope is that this first step back is temporary and one day we will be able to return to ministry without any COVID-19 restrictions or concerns.

When: Sundays from 10:00-11:15am

WhoFor kids in 3s & 4s through 6th Grade (2020-21 School Year Grade)

Where: Children can be dropped off at their classrooms for the 10am service. They can then be picked up at those same classrooms after service ends (Self-dismissal can be arranged for children 1st-6th Grade).


  • Process of Enrollment: We want to make this as easy and simple for you as possible. So, in an effort to utilize the space available in classrooms each week, we will be using a two-part process.
  1. The first step is a one-time enrollment for each child which occurs ONLINE on the Bethany website verifying your child’s information. This is not limited in any way, it simply makes a child eligible to attend their class on future Sundays. Enrolling by noon on Thursday will ensure your child’s nametag is ready and waiting for them on Sunday. Click here to enroll now!
  2. The second step is a weekly confirmation which occurs ONSITE each Sunday. We will have pouches filled with the nametags of those who have enrolled for each particular class. When you arrive Sunday morning prior to the 10am service, simply pick up your child’s name tag at the entrance to the children’s wing, and take your child to their classroom. For kids in 3s & 4s, PreK, and Kindergarten each tag also includes a blue parent pick-up tag which is required for pick up. (Students in 1st – 6th grade are eligible for self-dismissal, an option for which you must opt-in when you enroll.) This new weekly confirmation step will help us accommodate as many children as possible while being conscious of our current COVID climate and prevent spaces from going unused by those who are enrolled but may not attend on a given week. Should there be classrooms that are running at high capacity, we will work to expand the classrooms as needs arise.
  • Photos will be taken once a year for internal security and identification purposes. These photos will not be published publicly. Please reach out to us if you have any questions, concerns or extenuating circumstances.
  • Parent-Rotations are utilized to fill needs in classrooms due to attendance spikes, teacher illness, etc. As households quarantine after possible exposure, we’re finding these unexpected needs occur more than ever. Therefore we ask parents of every family participating in Sunday School to serve on a rotation one time each quarter. Every week scheduled parent volunteers report to the registration desk and are assigned to the classes with the greatest need that day. In the event all four volunteers are not needed, they are released to attend the worship service. You can sign up for the parent rotation here.
  • Protocols are as follows: ​
    • Social Distancing: Social distancing will be encouraged though cannot be guaranteed. (For parents or children who are considered high-risk, please reach out if you have any concerns or questions pertaining to your unique situation.) During the duration of the Sunday School/Second Service hour, the facility will be considered to be a mild pre-caution area, save a few select rooms.
    • SnacksSnacks will not be provided under this temporary model.
    • SymptomsNo child will be admitted into Sunday School while exhibiting Covid-like symptoms. If a child attends with Covid-like symptoms,  parents will be contacted and asked to pick up their child from Sunday School as soon as possible. Please make sure all family members have been free of COVID symptoms for at least 24hrs before attending.
    • Masks: All Sunday School Volunteers will be wearing masks in the Sunday School classrooms except while teaching the lesson. Children will not be required to wear masks. For parents dropping off and picking up their children, we will have masks available at the entrance of the children’s wing and would encourage parents to use masks in this high traffic area.

Click here to check out our FAQs. Please reach out to me (daniel@bethanycentral.org) if you have any questions or concerns. I would love to speak with you. All of us here at Bethany are looking forward to another wonderful year of sharing the Gospel and the love of Christ with your child!

Questions? Contact Daniel Sheaffer, Children’s & Family Minister at daniel@bethanycentral.org.