NOTICE: Due to COVID-19 and the shelter-in-place guidelines for the state of Illinois, Bethany’s 2020 onsite Vacation Bible School has been replaced with an at-home, online option.

While we were sad to have to cancel our traditional summer VBS, we are thankful to be able to provide an online VBS opportunity for your children!

Let us introduce you to online Incrediworld VBS:
It’s excitement galore with this online program as your family heads to IncrediWorld Amazement Park, where your children will take a thrill ride through God’s creation. So strap yourself in and hold on tight because this action-packed week is going to be an unforgettable ride! This simple VBS program is a great opportunity for encouraging time together as a family as you explore God’s Word and learn about the world He created.

Here’s how to use online Incrediworld VBS:

  • Choose a week for your VBS. (You might even want to space VBS out over two weeks or combine with another family—It’s totally up to you and what fits your family best.)
  • Click this link to see the pre-recorded options for each day.
  • Decide which of the options you would like to offer in your home. (The Bible lesson contains the “meat” of the day’s teaching so be sure to feature that portion.)  Then select from a wide variety of video options to reinforce the lessons throughout your day.  Each day offers the following video options:  music, drama, puppet shows, creature feature, and science experiments!
  • Add a game, snack, or craft as you have time and energy. (Suggestions and instructions are included but will be determined and supplied by parents.)

Please let us know if you have any questions or if there are ways that we can be of help. If you have trouble locating craft supplies, you may contact the church office to see what we have on hand (brass brads, pipe cleaners, beads, etc). If you don’t have a printer, the one printed craft (Day 1) can be provided for you. Again, please let us know how we can serve you!