Our world contains many cultures, but only one Savior. The Mosaic Intercultural Ministry desires to reach all ethnicities and cultures in the Peoria-area with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, help people from many cultures become active in the church body at Bethany Baptist, and teach those at Bethany to be more multiculturally minded. On the Day of Pentecost in Acts 2, many nations were gathered in Jerusalem, providing a ready audience to whom the disciples could preach the Gospel. In Peoria, many cultures and nations are gathering, providing a ready audience for us to share the Good News of Jesus Christ!

The Mosaic Intercultural Ministry is looking for leaders and workers who are burdened for other cultures. Ways to become involved include working in AWANA, volunteering with the Bridges International Student Ministry at Bradley University, Connecting with Peoria Area Friends of International Students (PAFIS), hosting foreign exchange students, or attending World Fest or international food fairs in Peoria. Join the Greeter Ministry and keep an eye out for newcomers from other cultures, and follow up with people you have met. Invite them to lunch, to Small Group, to your ABC class, or include them in your own holiday and family celebrations.