Bethany Kids Resources for the week of March 7, 2021 Today

Family Worship

We are excited to offer this new resource for families to use at home in conjunction with the weekly sermon! Whether you listen to the sermon online or in person, this guide will help you lead your family in a time of worship centered around God’s Word. Designed to be used one time during the week, the guide can be used with no preparation and will provide your family with 10-15 minutes of discussion about the weekly sermon. Reflect together, think together, apply together, pray together, and memorize together all while helping your family develop a lifelong practice of seeking the Lord though His Word.

Family Worship Guide for the week of March 7

Sermon Note Page

Advent Series Video Lesson Archives – Video lessons from Daniel Sheaffer, Children & Family Minister

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(Find Genesis lessons 1-6 in the Ranger Danger archives below.)

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