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What Happens After We Die? – Series Overview

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What happens after we die? That’s the question we explore together in this five-week sermon series. Check out the individual messages in the series below and hear Pastor Ritch and Pastor Josh teach what the Bible says about heaven, hell, and life after death. Sermon Overview: Week 1: Final Destinations After the Resurrection Scripture: Revelation… Read more »

Speak Up!


The modern world is desperately in need of the Gospel, but many believers don’t know where to begin. In this message from Colossians 4:2-6, Pastor Josh Beakley teaches why silence is not an option.

Follow The Leader


Jesus’s love is scandalous. It’s humility, clarity and uniqueness fills and empowers all those who profess faith in Christ. In this Palm Sunday message from John 13, Pastor Josh Beakley teaches about the joy – and pain – that believers experience as they live out this love in a world marred by sin.

True or False?


In God’s design, the safeguard embedded within the Church is the discernment of the people. Pastor Josh Beakley teaches from I John 4:1-6 in this exhortation for the church to stay alert doing the hard work of practicing critical thinking, and committing to deep Biblical study.

The Immovable Mountain: Unveiling God’s Control


God’s strength and power does not depend on our faith. Despite our failings and our doubts, God remains in control and His love for His children never changes.

A Second Wind: Unveiling God’s Goodness


Sometimes God’s goodness seems missing in life. But we must not mistake the subtlety of His goodness for its absence. In the face of trials and uncertainty, God’s goodness is always certain.


Digging for Diamonds: Thoughts on Exalting Christ through Proper Bible Interpretation


In this message, Pastor Josh Beakley speaks to the leadership team during a training lunch for Bethany’s Women’s Ministries and Ladies Bible Studies.

The Strike: Unveiling God’s Holiness


When faced with the holiness of God our sinful minds can lure us into self-righteousness, believing that God needs our help to accomplish His plans and will upon the earth.

Sight vs. Insight


Why do some people believe while others do not? The man who received his sight demonstrates, as well as the crowds that witnessed this miracle, demonstrate that seeing God requires an act of God.

It’s Not About Me


How can we sustain joy through the ups and downs of life? It’s simple, but not easy: we enjoy Christ’s glory by getting out of the way.