Budget Proposal 2023
Budget Overview

During our annual meeting we will be voting on a budget for the new fiscal year with an increase of $132K (4.6%) from last year. This includes a missions budget of $484.5K which is an increase of $39.5K (8.9%). In addition to the operating budget, we will vote to approve funding for the solar power project for which details were shared at the congregational meeting on February 5, 2023. The proposed 2023 budget is posted on the wall in the church office for your review, or you can download these documents through the button below. You will need a MyBethany login to view them.
Budget Overview
Vision Projects
After Receiving Feedback
Nine months ago, the elders shared a proposal for facility updates. At that time, a vote on the funding was narrowly rejected. Since that time, the elders have worked to make changes to the plan and seek God's wisdom. The focus of this new plan is to steward every dollar that God has already provided.
Overview Document
We have prepared a document with an overview of the vision projects. You can view that document with the button below. You will need a MyBethany login to access the document. Please plan to attend the Budget Q&A to hear more about how these projects help support Bethany's vision.
Vision Project Overview
Proposal to Release $1.4m in Funds
The new proposal is a lower amount with the goal to stretch every dollar. This will be accomplished by leveraging our facilities manager, Jason Schrepfer, along with volunteers to work on projects rather than hiring them out.
NO Fundraising or Debt Invovled
These vision projects will be funded by money that is already in our vision fund account. There will be no fundraising and no debt invovled as the proposal does not exceed the money we currently have on hand.
Address More Areas in the Church
While the main areas of the foyer, café, lounge, and sanctuary are being addressed as before this will happen with a lower overall cost and a more limited scope. This allows us to address other areas such as the youth rooms, the nursery area, and some outdoor areas.
Adult Wing Entrance

At this time the adult wing canopy project is on-hold. We are still passionate about serving those with greater physical challenges. However, the cost for the project has gone up significantly over the past two years from $350k to $450k which made us wonder if there was a better solution.

In the short-term we will be adding door enhancements to both adult and children wing entrances. We also plan to seek other ways of addressing these core issues through volunteer teams and smaller projects. We welcome any ideas and suggestions you might have in these areas! 

Church Governance Overview

In the past year church members have asked us many questions about our church government and decision-making processes at Bethany. We are an elder-shepherded church. This is very different from a congregational-led church or a staff-led church.

The elders have authority and responsibility to make or oversee all the decisions of the church with six limitations.

Bethany is an elder-shepherded church.
The elders have authority and responsibility to make or oversee all the decisions of the church with six limitations.
The calling of a pastor
the approval of the annual budget
large expenses over 1% of the annual budget
(roughly $30,000)
membership matters
approval of key leaders
changes to the constitution and bylaws
Larger Discussion and Q&A Document
To get a larger discussion on the topic and read answers to specific questions, we have prepared a special document. You can view it with the button below, however, you'll need a MyBethany login to access it.
Church Governance Q&A
Budget Q&A Meeting

Sunday, April 2, 3:00pm
Bring Your Questions

Our budget Q&A meeting is almost here. While we will answer questions related to the proposed 2023 annual budget, we will also dedicate a large portion of time to take questions regarding the revised vision projects. This is the perfect time to ask all of your questions and get clarity on any points that you want more information on.

We want to answer all the questions before the annual meeting on April 23rd. Our goal is that the annual meeting will be focused on ministry updates and the actual vote.

Connect With Us
While the main time for questions is at the budget Q&A meeting, any of our pastors or elders are available to talk to you. They want to answer any questions or hear any concerns you may have as we move forward. You can see the full list of pastors and elders with the link below.
View Our Leaders
Voting Options

Ways to Vote
Members can vote via paper ballots during the Annual Meeting on April 23rd. Members can also vote online during the Annual Meeting if they watch online through our live platform. This can be found at http://live.bethanycentral.org/ during the annual meeting. To vote online go the link above and follow the instructions on screen during the voting section.
Voting on April 23
Church Officers

Treasurer - Marvin Streitmatter
Assistant Treasurer - Cal Benedict
Other Offices
Church Clerk - Carol Vance
Financial Secretary - Kristi DeBacker