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October 15, 2023

1) What did John see in the right hand of God sitting on his throne?

He sees God holding a scroll that has writing on both sides and sealed with 7 seals

2) Why was John weeping?

He weeps because even in heaven, there is no one who has the power to open the scroll.

3) Why can the Lion of Judah, the Root of David, open the scroll?

Verse 5 tells us it is because the Lion has conquered. We find out later in verse 6,9,12 that the Lion was slain, but is now alive. This helps us see that the conquering, is what happened when Jesus was faithful to endure the cross, be buried, and be raised from the dead (see Rev 1:17-18).

4) John hears a Lion, but what does he see when he looks between the throne and the creatures? What do the 7 horns and 7 heads stand for?

Instead of a Lion, John sees a Lamb. This is none other than the Lord Jesus. Jesus is described by John as the conquering Lion and Lamb that defeated Satan and sin and death by his own death. The 7 horns stand for his omnipotence, or ultimate power and authority (see Matt 28:19-20). The 7 eyes stand for his omnipresence with his people through the Spirit.

5) What happens when the Lamb takes the scroll?

All of heaven and all its heavenly beings fall down in worship before the Lamb. The 24 elders sing and worship, the angels shout in worship, and every creature throughout all creation must acknowledge the worship and rightful place of the Son of God.

6) What reasons are given for why the Lamb is to be worshipped?

The Lamb is worthy to be worshiped because of his sacrificial death, his redeeming a people for himself, and his ability to redeem a people from every nation on the earth to be priests and live in his kingdom. He receives the same worship as the one seated on the throne (5:13). 

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