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February 5, 2023

Video Discussion Q+A

1) Why does Jesus tell his disciples to go find a colt for him to ride into Jerusalem? What would this show the people?

– Jesus tells the disciples this in order to fulfill what the prophet Zechariah had said for how the Messiah would come. This would show the people that Jesus was coming humbly. It was proof that he was the messiah.

2) What did many in the crowd do when Jesus made his way towards Jerusalem? Why did they do these things?

– They spread their clothes on the ground, waved palm branches, and shouted “Hosanna”! They did these things to signify they welcomed Jesus as King, they wanted to accept him, they believed he was coming to be victorious for them, and save them from their enemies. In a way, this was true, but not in the way many of them thought.

3) How did the city of Jerusalem respond to the cries of the crowd?

– They were stirred up and wondering what all the commotion was! Some people did not know that it was Jesus, some did not even know who Jesus was, and some knew who he was but did not want to believe. There were many different responses to the King of Jerusalem coming into his city.

4) What does Luke tell us how Jesus responded when he saw the city of Jerusalem? How is this like and unlike David? 

– Luke says that Jesus wept over Jerusalem because they did not realize the King was here. They would soon reject their king as a part of God’s plan to bring salvation, but still, Jesus had come to his own people and they did not receive him or his message (John 1:12-14). David wept when he went in the opposite direction over the Mount of Olives (2 Samuel 15:30), but this was because of God’s justice over David’s own sin. Jesus was coming over the Mount of Olives to enter Jerusalem to receive the penalty for the sins of his people. He is the better and greater Davidic king who can save his people.

5) What does this mean for how we respond to Jesus?

– Do we want Jesus for what we want him for, or do we want Jesus for who he truly is? Many of the crowds wanted Jesus to defeat their enemies and wanted him for what he could do for them. When we come to Jesus, he is the true King and we must submit ourselves fully to him and what he wants. Jesus is the true King from the line of David who is to be followed with our whole heart. May we give him all of our hearts to follow and trust in him! 

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