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February 19, 2023

Video Discussion Q+A

1) What was Jesus talking about right before he shared the Parable of the Talents?

– He was sharing with his disciples about his return. Jesus was sharing with them about his judgment on Jerusalem and about his final judgment before setting up his kingdom.

2) How many servants were there and how much money were they given?

– There were 3 servants in the story and they were each given different amounts of money. A talent was still a lot of money, 20 years worth of wages. One was given 5, another 2, and the last one.

3) When the Master came back from his journey, how much did the servants make and how were they rewarded?

– The servants who were given 5 and 2, doubled their money and gave it back to their Master. The last servant who received one, put it in the ground and did nothing with what was given to him. The two servants who doubled their money were given the reward of entering into the joy of the Master. The servant who buried his money, was cast into outer darkness.

4) Why was the one talent taken from the last servant and given to the first servant?

– Jesus was teaching the disciples about true faith. He was teaching that those who truly know their Master (God) will work for him and live their lives in service to him. Those who do not know the Lord and his character, will not work for the kingdom and chose to waste what was entrusted to them. It will be proof that they were never really true servants of the Master to begin with, because true faith always works (James 2).

5) What do the servants teach us about ourselves and about God?

– God is the Master of everything. God entrusts us with the responsibility that he has given according to our ability. Those who profess to be servants of Christ will prove that by the way that they work for him. True saving faith always produces fruit. Those who say they know God, but deny him with their works, show that they really do not know him. This tells you and me that not everyone who claims to be a Christian, truly is one. Only those who obey the word of God and act on it show that they truly know Jesus. Jesus will return in judgment one day soon and separate the sheep (believers) and goats (unbelievers, and professing believers but are really unbelievers). All those who have truly believed in him will enter into eternal life with him. Praise the Lord that he sees our service to him and will reward us, not because we deserve it, but because of his grace. 

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