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February 20, 2022

1) Where does the Bible say David was when his army was out fighting? Who did David see while he was up on his roof one evening?

David stayed behind in Jerusalem though he should have been out fighting with his army. The Ark is there, Israel’s army is there, but David is not. David saw Bathsheba and he sent for her.

2) When David found out he knew this woman’s daughter and husband, did he care? What did he do? What should he have done instead?

David did not care. David wanted her for himself. He called for her and brought her into his house and she became pregnant and was going to have a baby by David, not her husband. He should have walked away and went to go be with his army.

3) When Uriah comes home, what does David want him to do? What does he do instead? What plan does David come up with next? What does he send with Uriah?

David wants him to go back to be with his wife, and then David’s sin will be covered up. People wont find out. But, even though David gets Uriah drunk, Uriah wont go down to his house because he fears God. He is loyal to God and to King David, even though David hasn’t been loyal to him. David decides that Uriah has to be killed, so he sends a letter by Uriah to Joab the army commander a plan for Uriah to be killed during the fighting.

4) What does David do after Uriah dies? Why?

David sends for Bathsheba and she becomes his wife. She has a son and then now all of Israel except for a few people think that David is still this great king and hero. He brought a grieving widow into his family. But God knew what David did.

5) How does God tell David he knows what David did? Did God forgive David?

Look at Psalm 51 and see David’s response to God for his sin. God sends Nathan the prophet to David and tells him a story of a rich man who took a poor man’s only lamb. This is just like what David did to Uriah. But, God said he covered up David’s sin. David tried to cover it up earlier but God is better at covering our sin because God can truly forgive. “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” – 1 John 1:9

6) How does this story point us to Jesus?

Through Bathsheba’s next son, Solomon was the heir to the throne. God loved him and would use him for his saving purposes. Through Bathsheba, and Solomon, and the rest of David’s family tree eventually came the Messiah, the Lord Jesus, David’s greatest son. Jesus will always show love for his people. Jesus always does what is right as King. Jesus is the King that David and Solomon could not be. Jesus can cover anyone’s sin if they trust and believe and give their lives to him.

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