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January 29, 2023

Video Discussion Q+A

1) How much does the Master of the House agree to pay his first workers he hired? Do they agree to it?

– The master of the house and the hired workers agreed to one denarius for the day’s work. This was a normal wage for a hired worker.

2) How many times does the Master of the House go back for more workers? Does he tell them this time how much he will pay? What does he say instead?

– The Master of the House goes back 4 times and hires more workers each time. This time he says “whatever is right, I will pay” and so the workers who go out have to trust in the integrity of the Master. They have to trust that he will do what is right.

3) Why did the workers who were hired first think they would get more than what the Master of the House first said? What was their response when they saw the Master being generous with the last hired workers?

– They saw the workers that were hired with one hour left in the day get paid a full day’s wage. They thought that since those people who only worked one hour got paid so much, that they should get more. They saw the generosity of the Master of the House and thought that because of his generosity to others, that they deserved more.

4) What lesson is Jesus trying to teach his disciples about the kingdom of heaven and their rewards for following him?

– Jesus is teaching his disciples to not wonder about comparing heavenly rewards or if they will be rewarded by leaving everything to follow Jesus.  Jesus does say that they will recieve rewards for following him. However, they need not be concerned with what others get, or if rewards will be fair, or if they are going to not receive back what they have lost. Jesus told them they would receive 100x and receive eternal life! No one deserves eternal life. Its only by God’s mercy. They should be so grateful they have been hired in the first place. So, the disciples should realize that to be first in God’s kingdom is to be the servant of all and follow in the footsteps of Jesus (Mark 9:35), and it is only by God’s mercy to them that they are a part of this kingdom.

5) What does this mean for you and me?

– God has been so generous to save us. He has shown us mercy and given us faith to believe. When we receive such mercy and grace, we aren’t concerned when others receive mercy and grace from him. We should be so thankful when we see God bless and reward others. It is for our joy as well. Is Jesus really worth giving up anything to follow him? YES! Not because of the rewards, but because he is the reward. To be with Jesus is to have eternal life and we will be rewarded abundantly. 

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