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March 19, 2023

Video Discussion Q+A

1) Why were the women going so early to the tomb of Jesus? Why would they have been afraid when they arrived? 

– They were going because they were going to finish preparing Jesus’ body for burial. When they arrived there was an earthquake, angel from heaven, rolling the stone back, with the appearance like lightning and white clothing. The women didn’t know the tomb had been sealed, but this would have let them in to see what was no longer there, Jesus’ body. He had risen. 

2) What did the angel show to the women and then tell them to do? 

– The angel said that Jesus was risen from the dead just like he said. He also told them to actually see with their own eyes the place where the body of Jesus used to lay. Finally, he told them to go tell the disciples to meet Jesus in Galilee. 

3) When the women met Jesus, they touched his feet and worshiped him. Why is this important? 

– This shows us that the body of Jesus was not a figure of their imagination, or a mirage, or a spiritual resurrection. This was a bodily resurrection from the dead. Jesus was really raised from the dead. Not only that, but Jesus received their  worship. If Jesus was not truly God, this would have been idolatry because you were to worship God alone. By Jesus receiving and accepting their worship, it shows that he really is God the Son come in the flesh. 

4) What did the chief priests do to keep people from believing what really happened? 

– The Chief Priests bribed the guards who witnessed the angel and the empty tomb. They gave them a large amount of money to lie and say the disciples came during the night while they were asleep to steal the body.

5) What did Jesus say was given to him after his resurrection? How are the apostles to make more disciples?  

– Jesus said that he had now been given all authority in heaven and on earth. With that kingdom authority, the apostles were supposed to go to all the earth and make disciples from every nation. They were to baptize them in the Father, Son, and Spirit, and to learn to keep what Jesus commanded. Why could the disciples do this? Because Jesus would always be with them by the Holy Spirit soon to be in them in just 50 days at Pentecost. 

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