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March 5, 2023

Video Discussion Q+A

1) What charge against Jesus did the elders, priests, and scribes finally use to condemn Jesus? What answer did Jesus give?  

– They brought up the charge that he was going to destroy the Temple and then rebuild it again. Jesus was actually talking about his body because he was the fulfillment of the temple. Finally, the high priests asked Jesus if he was the Son of God, the Messiah. Jesus says yes, and even more than that, Jesus gives a clear answer that he’s not just the Messiah, but he’s God himself. This is why he was put to death. He claimed to be God.

2) What answer did Peter give when people thought he was a follower of Jesus?

– Peter was recognized as being a follower of Jesus 3 times. Each of those 3 times, he got stronger and stronger in his denial. First, he denied it. Second, he denied it with an oath. Finally, he denied it with a curse on himself to come from God if he was lying. This is incredible. Then, Peter remembered what Jesus told him and he went out to weep.

3) Why did Judas change his mind about Jesus? What did he realize? What’s the difference between him and Peter?

– When Judas saw that Jesus was sentenced, he regretted what he did. He brought back the money and threw it into the temple saying that he betrayed innocent blood. He then went out and hanged himself and died. Judas’ sorrow at his betrayal of Jesus led him to sorrow and death. Peter’s sorrow eventually led him to repentance. Peter believed that Jesus would show him mercy. His was a godly grief that brings life, and not death (2 Cor 7:10)

4) Who stirred up the crowds to ask for Bar-abbas instead of Jesus? Why?

– The chief priests and the elders stirred up the crowds with the charges of blasphemy. Most of these people would have been from Jerusalem and were largely not the same ones who cried out ‘hosanna’ the week before. But still, the leaders of Israel were the ones who caused the people to want to have Bar-Abbas released instead of Jesus.

5) Why did Pilate wash his hands in front of the crowds?

– He did so to show that it wasn’t his desire to have Jesus put to death. Even though he was still the one who gave the order, he was showing to the people essentially that they forced his hand so that he didn’t have another option.

6) What do all of these stories have in common about how we are to see Jesus?

– Jesus is the innocent lamb that was given over to die for our sins. He was silent before his accusers. He was unjustly tried and convicted. He was unjustly sentenced. He was unjustly treated, so that he would die as a sacrifice for our sins, so that we could be forgiven. Though he was the Son of God, the 2nd person of the trinity, he submitted to the Father to do what only he could do for us. What an amazing Savior! 

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