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May 1, 2022

Kings Lesson 6 – God Is Glorified by Protecting Judah

1. What did King Hezekiah do that was righteous when he became king? 18:1-8

He removed all the high places, pillars, and Asherah that were used to worship false gods or to worship God wrongly. He destroyed the bronze serpent that Moses made in the wilderness so the people would not worship it. He was faithful to understand and keep God’s law which was the command God gave to every Israelite king (Deuteronomy 17).

2. Who came to attack Judah? What did Hezekiah try to do to keep Jerusalem safe? 18:9-18

The nation of Assyria came to attack first the northern kingdom which fell in 722BC after a long siege battle. Hezekiah tried to bribe Assyria and give them money so they would not attack the city of Jerusalem. Hezekiah tried to give them tribute which meant that Israel would be under Assyria and would recognize them as the greater nation. Hezekiah gave Assyria gold and silver that he took from the temple.

3. How did the Commander for Assyria try to lie and trick Judah? 18:19-35

The Commander for Assyria tried to get the people to doubt that God was with Judah. He tried to make Hezekiah out to be the bad guy for removing the high places and the pillars, even though Hezekiah was doing what was right. He tried to get the people to think that Hezekiah was trusting in Egypt and that trusting in any other nation would not work against the power of Assyria. (He was right in this regard.) He also lied when he said that Israel’s God told him to come and attack the city of Jerusalem. He made many promises of comfort and peace to Jerusalem if they would turn against Hezekiah and not trust in Yahweh. If the gods of all the other nations couldn’t stand against the army and power of Assyria, what makes Yahweh any different?

4. What did Hezekiah do after talking with the Assyrian Army? Who did he go to? 19:1-4

When Hezekiah heard the commander of the Assyrian army, he went straight into the Temple and prayed to Yahweh. He tore his clothes, he put on sackcloth, and prayed to God to save Judah from the Assyrians. He sent royal messengers to ask the prophet Isaiah what God would have him to do.

5. Do you remember what Hezekiah said in his prayer to God? How did God answer through Isaiah? 19:5-7,14-19, 20-34?

Hezekiah prayed to the God of all the heavens and the earth and said that God was the only God. He prayed God would hear and answer him and show, through saving Israel, that all the nations would know who God is. God answered through the prophet Isaiah to not be afraid. God would defeat the king of Assyria and he would be defeated and go back home and be destroyed. God promised to deliver and save his people to show HE IS GOD ALONE and that he remembers his covenant promises to David.

6. How did God win the victory over Assyria for his people?

God sent the Angel of Yahweh and he killed 185,000 of the Assyrian army in the middle of the night. There was no battle. God was totally and utterly victorious. The King of Assyria went home and was killed by his two sons while he was worshipping false gods in a temple. God showed that he was the most powerful, the only God, and the one worthy of worship. Unlike the gods of Assyria, the God of Israel protected his king and his people.

7. What does this teach us about who God is and about who Jesus is?

Jesus will come in victory and destroy of his enemies. Revelation tells us that Jesus will return and will crush Satan, sin, and death fully and completely when he comes back. We can trust our God will save us and will deliver us in the end. He is the only God, he is worthy of all worship, and he wants everyone from every nation to come to know him as Lord and Savior and bow themselves to him as the true and only King.

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