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November 13, 2022

Video Discussion Q+A

1) How did the Crowds and then the Pharisees respond to Jesus miracle? What did they say?

  • First, the crowds were amazed that Jesus had healed this man. He was blind, lame, and was demon oppressed. Jesus healed the man of them all. The Pharisees responded by saying Jesus did his miracle by the power of the strongest demon, the prince of demons, Satan.

2) How does Jesus say he cast out demons? If true, what has come? (v28)

  • Jesus told the Pharisees that he did his miracle (and all his other miracles in Matthew) by the power of the Spirit of God. If that is true, then Jesus argues, that the Kingdom of God has come upon them.

3) What sin does Jesus say will not be forgiven? (v31-32)

  • The sin of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. It is seeing clearly the power of the holy spirit working through Jesus, and then identifying that with the powers of darkness. It shows a heart so hardened to the kingdom of God that is fails to see what is clear.

4) How can you tell what’s in someone’s heart? (v33-34)

  • You can often tell what someone loves by what they talk about. If you want to know what is on someone’s mind and heart, all you need to do is listen to what they say. Jesus talks about the good tree and bad tree in this passage and shows that you can know how someone responds to him by what they continue to say.

5) How would the Father want you to respond to Jesus’s miracles? (see Matt 12:50)

  • The Father desires you to respond in faith in Christ, in awe of his power, and give your life in service to him. Believe that Jesus is who he says he is. That is what it means to do God’s will. That’s what it means to become a part of God’s family. Take him at his word and trust and believe in him.

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