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December 5, 2021

1. What is the most important relationship in 1 Samuel & 2 Samuel?

The relationship between Yahweh the KING, and the earthly king. Will the king obey and listen to the law and word of the true KING? This is how we should read all the stories of 1 and 2 Samuel in light of. Will the earthly king obey the heavenly King?

2. What was Saul’s first failure to obey God’s word? Why did he not wait for Samuel? What did God promise to take away?

Saul was afraid because the people were scattering and hiding. They were afraid of the Philistine army. Saul decided not to wait for Samuel and offered the burnt offering himself. He decided it was more important to do what he thought was right, instead of obeying Samuel’s words and God’s words. God promised that because Saul did this, his kingdom would be taken away and given to a man who would obey God and had a heart just like his.

3. What did the Amalekites do to Israel in Exodus 17 (Deut25)? What did God say that Saul was supposed to do?

When Israel was coming out of Egypt and going to the Promised Land, the Amalekites came and attacked Israel. Instead of coming to the front and fighting the troops of Israel, they went to the back and made a surprise attack and killed the weak, old, young, and most vulnerable of the people. This was a cowardly sinful attack and God did not forget. God would remember what Amalek did to his people. God would remember his covenant to Abraham that those who curse you, he will curse. God told Saul to go and devote to destruction all the people and the animals. He told him, don’t leave any alive, because they killed as many of the weak of Israel that they could.

4. Did Saul obey God fully? What does God say to Saul now that he has rejected his word twice? Who finished the job to kill the Amalekites?

No, Saul kept the best of the animals and kept the king alive. What was he thinking? God now tells Saul, that his partial obedience really isn’t obedience at all. God tells him that obedience is better than sacrifice. To disobey is the sin of idolatry, because when you disobey, you are putting someone or something else in the place of God, either yourself or someone else. God tells Saul that he has fully rejected him from being King over Israel. Samuel finished defeating the Amalekites and killed King Agag.

5. What does this teach us about God, about the Lord Jesus, and about ourselves?

This passage teaches us about how our sin grieves and affects God, but it shows that God is still totally in control and sovereign over our sinful choices. It shows us that God never forgets the wrong done to his people. It teaches us that God is faithful to bless and curse those who bless and curse his people. It teaches that God is still faithful to move his plan of salvation forward no matter what.- Jesus was the promised King that did everything that God said. He fully obeyed God and did not offer up burnt offerings and then rejected God’s word. Hebrews 10:6-9 tells us that Jesus obeyed his Father perfectly and offered up himself as a sacrifice for his people. He defeated Sin, Satan, and Death and rose from the grave. He defeated all our enemies, he crushed the head of the serpent (Gen 3:15), and he is the true King (Philippians 2:9-11) that Saul wasn’t. Praise him!- It teaches us that we can make all these great promises to God, but if we don’t obey his word, it is meaningless. Partial obedience to God is not true obedience. Thankfully, where we have failed to obey God, Jesus took the punishment of that upon himself. He gives us his perfect righteousness where he fully obeying his Father from the heart (Mark 12:28-34).

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