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December 17, 2023

1. What was the phrase “Out of Egypt I called my Son” first talking about? What does Matthew say it points to?

It was the prophet Hosea, first talking about the Exodus of how God delivered his people out of the land of Egypt. Matthew quotes Hosea to show that Jesus is going to do a great work of salvation and deliver his people again.

2. In quoting Hosea 11:1, how does Matthew show us that Jesus is the right King?

Jesus is going back to where Israel grew into a nation and he is going to lead them as their right king from slavery from sin, to freedom to love God from their heart. The greater Exodus is coming through Jesus. Jesus is the right King who is representing his people.

3. What was king Herod’s plan to try to keep his throne?

King Herod made a command for all the baby boys under 2 years old to be killed. Herod murdered somewhere between 10-30 innocent baby boys to try to stop Jesus from becoming King.

4. Who is King Herod supposed to remind you of? Who is really behind what Herod is doing?

(Rev 12)King Herod is supposed to remind you of Pharaoh back in Exodus when he tried to destroy Moses and many other baby Israelite boys. The Serpent, Satan, from Genesis 3:15 is always at war with God and trying to stop his promises from coming true. God was totally sovereign and nothing can ever thwart God’s plans in the end. God has a plan and purpose for evil, and God will be faithful to end it and will be victorious.

5. What did most Israelites think about the town of Nazareth? Would they have expected Jesus to be born there?

Most Israelites saw the town of Nazareth as a place that was despised and rejected. It was a place where many roman soldiers would pass through. It was a place with lots of Greek speaking Jews and a place a few minutes away where many Greeks lived. Many Jews saw it as a place with compromise, unclean people, sin and shame. There is no way they would have thought this was where God’s Messiah would grow up. But it was exactly the place where God had planned. Jesus would be despised and rejected which would lead to his death and resurrection, all part of God’s plan to save his people.

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