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November 5, 2023

1) How did God create everything in Genesis 1-2?

He created everything by speaking. He did not create from material that was already present. He created everything from nothing through his Word (John 1:1-3).

2) Why did God decide to create?

God did not create because he was lonely, or because he needed his creation. He created because he wanted to show his glory to creatures in heaven and on earth. And he created everything good. His goodness is seen in the goodness of the world he created.

3) What did God create in Days 1-3?

God separated in Days 1-3. He separated light from dark. He separated heavens. He separated dry land and sea. The first three days God was setting boundaries for his creation. He is setting order in his creation.

4) What did God create in Days 4-6?

God filled his spaces in Days 4-6. He created the planets, stars, sun and moon for the heavens. He created birds and sea creatures for the sky and sea. He created animals to reside in the dry land. And finally he created the greatest of his creation, mankind.

5) How is the creation of mankind different from the rest of his creation?

When God created mankind, he did not speak, but he took from the dust of the ground and breathed into mankind. This shows intimacy, closeness, and the special nature of man. God created male and female in his image. Nothing else in all creation is made like God, or with the role of imaging God and extending his image over all the world.

6) Why did God rest on the 7th Day?

God rested on the 7th Day to not only just show he had finished his creation, but to enjoy it. God found enjoyment in his work. This shows us that this is the purpose of creation. It was for God to enjoy, mankind to enjoy, and for mankind to enjoy close relationship with the Creator. There never should have been a ‘fall’. The sabbath day should have continued throughout all eternity.

7) What do we learn about ourselves from Genesis 1-2?

We learn that we are God’s very best creation. We are made in his image and likeness, we are made with a purpose, and we are made to know God. We also learn that we serve a good God and we are accountable to him because he is our Creator.

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