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November 12, 2023

1) How did God form man that was different from the rest of his creation?

God did not create mankind by speaking. Genesis says he took from the dust, formed man, then breathed his breath into him and he became a living being. This shows man is special. This shows God’s intimate care to create man. This shows that man is different than anything else in all creation that was made.

2) Where did God place the man after he made him? What was man’s role in the Garden?

God placed the man in the Garden of Eden. Eden was the place where God dwelt, it was paradise. The garden was attached to Eden and was watered by a river that came from it. God set up man to work in the Garden and to guard it from anything that would attempt to defile it. This was the first temple on earth. The man was like the first king and first priest with the job of caring for, protecting, and serving in God’s new world.

3) What were the two trees in the Garden that the man was not to eat from?

The Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Man was not to eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. If he did, he would surely die. This tree was a test of whether man would submit himself to God’s rule and trust him, or if he would try to disobey and try to rule all on his own.

4) How did God make a helper for the man? Why did he need a helper?

God made the man fall into a deep sleep and crafted a woman from the man’s side. This shows God’s intimate care and the specialness of the creation of the woman, and it shows that she is equal in value and imaging God, yet has a different role under the leadership of her husband.

5) What does it mean that the man and woman were not ashamed?

It means that even though they were fully known by God, and fully exposed, they enjoyed relationship with each other and with God that was not tainted by sin. They were fully known, fully loved, and fully enjoyed.

6) How does Genesis 2 point to Jesus?

Jesus reversed all the sin and death that Adam brought into the world. He imaged God perfectly, he restored us to relationship with God, and he will bring us back to Eden again when he returns. It’s through Jesus and belief in him, that we can enjoy God’s goodness and presence with us, now through his Holy Spirit, and one day face to face.

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