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February 4, 2024

What was the Tower of Babel, and why did the people want to build it?

Answer: The Tower of Babel was a massive structure that the people wanted to build to reach the height of heaven. They wanted to show how awesome they were, thinking they could be their own gods and didn’t need to obey God’s command to fill the earth.

How did God respond when the people tried to build the tower all the way to heaven?

Answer: God confused their languages, making it difficult for them to understand each other. This led to the people scattering in different directions based on their shared language.

Why did God confuse the people’s languages, and how did it affect their ability to work together on the tower?

Answer: God confused their languages as a judgment because the people wanted to rebel and be their own gods. This confusion hindered their ability to communicate and work together effectively on the tower.

In Acts Chapter 2, how did God bring people back together after the incident at the Tower of Babel?

Answer: In Acts Chapter 2, God brought people back together by allowing them to hear the message about Jesus in their own languages. This occurred during Peter’s sermon where people from different places could understand the message despite speaking different languages.

What important message did Peter share in Acts Chapter 2, and how did people from different languages understand it?

Answer: Peter shared the message of Jesus as the promised Messiah from Genesis Chapter 3:15. People from different languages understood the message because, miraculously, they heard Peter’s sermon in their own language.

How does the story in Genesis 11 connect to the promise of a Messiah, and where do we learn about the Messiah’s lineage?

Answer: The story in Genesis 11 connects to the promise of a Messiah by showing that even when humanity rebelled, God had a plan for redemption. We learn about the Messiah’s lineage in Genesis 12, where we find out that the Messiah will come from the line of Abraham.

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