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October 22, 2023

1) What was the reason the angel seized and bound Satan?

John tells us that the angel did this so that Satan may not deceive the nations anymore.

2) Who does John see who come to life and reign with Christ? How does he describe them?

John sees the people who were persecuted and martyred for their faith. He says they are those who didn’t worship the beast or receive his mark.

3) The people who share in the first resurrection, what no longer has power over them?

The second death, which is eternal separation from God under his righteous judgment in Hell

4) When Satan is released, what does he immediately go to do? What happens to him?

He comes out to deceive the nations again and make war against God’s people. God brings judgment on him and consumes his army and throws the devil into hell.

5) When John sees the Great White Throne, who stands before the throne? What are the books that he sees being opened?

John sees all those who were dead standing before the throne of God. There are the books of what the dead have done, and there is the book of life, believers whose names are written in it because of what Jesus has done.

6) What and who else is thrown into hell (the lake of fire) along with Satan?

Death and Hades are thrown into hell, along with any person whose name was not in the book of life (who have believed on Jesus). 

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