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Acts Lesson 17: Paul Testifies to the Gospel in Rome

Video Discussion Q+A 1) How did the people of Malta welcome Paul and the people from the ship? They were kind to Paul and his shipmates and took them in...
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October 1, 2023

Acts Lesson 16: God Keeps His Promise to Protect Paul

Video Discussion Q+A 1) Where was Paul sailing to? Why was he on the trip in the first place? Paul was setting sail for the long voyage to Rome. He...
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September 24, 2023

Acts Lesson 15: Paul is an Example of Christ

Video Discussion Q+A 1) What does Paul tell us in 20:22-24 that he’s planning to do? He’s wanting to go to Jerusalem in time for Pentecost and knows that through...
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September 17, 2023

Acts Lesson 14: Paul Preaches the Gospel in Athens

Discussion Q+A 1) Why was Paul’s Spirit stirred up within him when he was in Athens? 17:16 He saw that the city was filled with a bunch of idols. These...
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September 10, 2023

Acts Lesson 13: The Philippian Jailer is Saved

Video Discussion Q+A 1) What was the demon-possessed slave girl saying about Paul and Silas? v17 – She was calling out for anyone to hear that they were servants of...
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September 3, 2023

Acts Lesson 12: The Gentiles are Saved by Faith

Video Discussion Q+A 1) What were some of the Pharisaic Christians teaching the believers at Antioch? Why was this such a big issue? They were teaching that the gentiles couldn’t...
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August 20, 2023

Acts Lesson 11: God Frees Peter from Prison

Video Discussion Q+A 1) Why did Herod keep persecuting the church? What did he do to Peter? He saw that it improved his standing with the Jews. He was already...
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August 13, 2023

Acts Lesson 10: The Gentiles Receive the Gospel

Video Discussion Q+A 1) How does Luke describe Cornelius? Why did Cornelius need to send for Peter? (see Acts 4:12) – He’s a Roman Centurion who righteously feared God, gave...
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August 6, 2023

Acts Lesson 9: Saul is Converted on the Road to Damascus

Video Discussion Q+A 1) What was Saul going to Damascus to do? Who gave him that authority? – He was going to Damascus to bring Jesus followers back to Jerusalem...
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May 21, 2023

Acts Lesson 8: Philip Shares the Gospel with the Ethiopian Eunuch

Video Discussion Q+A 1) Where did The Angel of the Lord tell Philip to go? What kind of a place was it? – The Angel of the Lord sent Philip...
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May 21, 2023

Acts Lesson 7: The Church is Persecuted and the Gospel Spreads

Video Discussion Q+A 1) Who was the lead persecutor of the early church? Why? (see Acts 26:9-11) It was Saul who was later saved by God and called to go...
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May 14, 2023

Acts Lesson 5: The Gospel Continues to Spread

Video Discussion Q+A 1) Who captured the Disciples and put them in prison? Why? The High Priest and the rest of the Sadducees that were a part of the Sahedrin,...
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April 30, 2023

Acts Lesson 4: Ananias and Sapphira Lie to the Holy Spirit

Video Discussion Q+A 1) Because the Holy Spirit now lives inside believers in Jesus, how does Luke tell us how they treat one another? He says that everything they own...
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April 23, 2023

Acts Lesson 3: Peter and John Preach the Gospel

Video Discussion Q+A 1) How long had the man Peter healed been unable to walk? How did Peter heal him? The Bible says the man was lame from birth. He...
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April 16, 2023

Acts Lesson 2: The Holy Spirit Arrives

Video Discussion Q+A 1) What did the disciples hear and see when the Holy Spirit came upon them at Pentecost? What was the Sign that the Holy Spirit was with...
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April 2, 2023