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May 21, 2023

Video Discussion Q+A

1) Where did The Angel of the Lord tell Philip to go? What kind of a place was it?

– The Angel of the Lord sent Philip down to the road that goes from Jerusalem to Gaza. He did not tell Philip what he would find there, but Philip obeyed and went. This was a desert place. It would make more sense for Philip to go to a place with more people but this time God was going to do something with an individual person to show the power of the Gospel.

2) What kind of person did Philip see when he was going on the road to Gaza?

– Philip saw an Ethiopian Eunuch sitting in his chariot. He was going back home from worshipping God in Jerusalem. He was a top official in the court of the queen.

3) What was the Ethiopian Eunuch Reading? Did he understand it?

– The Ethiopian Eunuch was reading the prophet Isaiah. Specifically he was reading Isaiah 53. The Eunuch wasn’t able to understand the Scripture because the natural person without the salvation of God and the illumination of the Holy Spirit cannot understand the things of God. Philip needed to share the Gospel of Jesus with him and the Holy Spirit would be the one to open the man’s eyes.

4) Why was it important to have this story in the book of Acts?

– This story was to show how Jesus is bringing the promises of Isaiah to their fulfillment and show how the Gospel is for anyone. It was to show that no matter the background of someone, Jesus has broken down the walls that divided and separated by his life and death (Eph 2:11-21).

5) What does this story mean for you and me?

– This story teaches us that the Gospel needs to be shared in order for someone to come to know God. It is through Jesus that one comes to God. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life (John 14:6). This story should show us that God will receive anyone who believes in him and they can receive the same gift of the Holy Spirit and co-heirs with Christ. 


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