Weekly Bulletin

April 14, 2024

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Sunday Worship

Prelude: Rejoice
O Church Arise (Arise Shine)
Call to Worship
Saved My Soul
Child Dedication: 2nd Service
Welcome & Announcements
Bethany Family Prayer
Is He Worthy
Holy Holy Holy
GO Partner Video & Presentation
I Set My Hope

Weekly Schedule

View our calendar HERE for the weekly schedule.
Annual Meeting & Single Service
Sunday, April 21

Our Annual meeting is a time to hear ministry updates and, if you are a member, take part in the vote for the annual budget and elected officers. This year we’ve scheduled our services to allow more attendees and members to join this important meeting.

We will have a single service at 10:00 am (no Sunday School, ABC’s, or Children’s Church). With the annual meeting following that service at 11:30am.

Pray the Miracle

Our emphasis on praying the miracle continues as we pray for two people close to you but far from God. We are thrilled that all of the books and T-shirts we offered last week were used for God’s glory. We want to challenge you this week to share with someone in your Bethany church family how God has used the emphasis on praying the miracle in your life so far this year. Continue to pray the miracle!

Newcomer's Lunch
Sunday, April 28th after 2nd Service

Anyone new to Bethany is invited to join us for this lunch. You’ll meet Elders & Pastors, ask questions, and get to know us. Go to bethanycentral.org/lunch to register.


Membership Vote Next Week
Sunday, April 21

We are excited to vote on the following people for membership into our church family next Sunday. If you have any questions, please contact an elder.

  • Naomi Bridges
  • Dick Chapman
  • Esther Munongo
  • Bradley & Emily Oliver
  • Anna Powell
  • Jack and Jerelyn Skaggs
  • Riley & Mallory Strawn
  • Claire Wieland
VBS Save the Date
Jun 10

VBS is about 8 weeks away. We want to let you know you can start registering your children as well as let us know if you can volunteer to jump in to help us make VBS happen this year. Don’t forget to mark your calendar! Visit bethanycentral.org/vbs for more info.

Gift Cards for College Students

We will be sending letters to our college students in a few weeks letting them know that we are praying for them. We include gift cards to bless them. If you would like to contribute, please drop off $10 gift cards from various restaurants, coffee houses, or stores. If you have a college student, email their address to [email protected] so we can include them in our list.

Spring Car Care Day
Saturday, April 27

If you attend Bethany Baptist Church and are a senior saint, widow, single mother, or college student, our Car Care team wants to bless you by preparing your car for spring, free of charge. Services include oil & filter changes, fluid top-off, air filter changes, wiper blade replacement, and brake, suspension, & tire inspection.

Call or text Chaz Ruppman at (309) 696-2727 today to schedule your free appointment at his North Peoria-based shop. 1525 W Luthy Drive, Peoria, IL 61615.

Bridal Shower for Jenni Tracy
Saturday, April 20, 10:00 am

All ladies are invited to attend Jenni Tracy’s bridal shower here at Bethany. Jenni is registered at myregistry.com. RSVP to Sarah Barley if you plan to attend.

Child Dedication Class
Sunday, April 28, 10:30 am

This class is for those who want to have their child dedicated but have never attended the class. We will cover what child dedication is, basic parenting principles, and give an overview of Bethany resources. Contact the church office to register. The next dedication will be held on Sunday, May 12.

Discussion Questions

Icebreaker Question

What is your experience (or lack thereof) with hunting?

Discussion Questions

What does Peter liken these people to and why?
How does a heart become trained in greed?
How does the account of Balaam relate to this passage (see Numbers 22-24)?

Application Questions

In what specific ways has your appetite for sin been either increasing or decreasing?
What might it look like for your soul to be steady or unsteady in ways that leave you vulnerable to or protected from enticement?
What are some practical ways you can train your heart to be selfless instead of greedy?

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