Weekly Bulletin

May 12, 2024

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Sunday Worship

Prelude: The Solid Rock
Call to Worship
Welcome & Announcements
Parent Child Dedications
I Set My Hope
You've Already Won
Bethany Family Prayer
Whate'er My God Ordains is Right

Weekly Schedule

View our calendar HERE for the weekly schedule.
Serve in Children's Ministry

Our children’s ministry team is still looking for volunteers to fill various roles. If you are interested in joining our team you can go to bethanycentral.org/servekids to see open roles and let us know of your interest. We need people like you using their gifts to serve and disciple kids!

Membership Class
Sunday, May 19 in Room 813

This one-session class features videos & class discussion. You’ll learn more about Bethany and discover the importance of membership and joining your local church. It’s a great next step toward joining community here at Bethany. Sign up by going to bethanycentral.org/membership.

Summer Kick-off Service & Picnic
Sunday, May 26, 10:00 am

This is a single outdoor service with a picnic to follow. It’s a special Sunday of fellowship and celebration for the upcoming summer. There will be no Sunday school, children’s church, or ABC’s that Sunday. Join us for a Sunday of fellowship and food!


Mother's Day Celebration

We are so thankful for all of our moms, as well as those who take the role of mom! We want to celebrate and thank you for your sacrifices and investment in the next generation. To celebrate that, we have Fannie Mae chocolates for every lady as you exit the service. Make sure to get yours!

Bethany Family News

Our deepest sympathy to Brad and Michelle Gerdes on the death of Brad’s mother, Bernice, who went home to be with the Lord this past weekend.

Men's Ministry: Man Camp
Friday, May 31st, 1pm - Saturday, June 1st

Man Camp is a cookout & campout activity for men and boys of all ages. The event will start on Friday and continue through Saturday with activities such as Fishing, Tug of War, Wakeboarding, Archery, Basketball, and more. You can tent camp, bring your own camper, or get accommodations (limited space). Sign up using your myBethany account. This is a free event with donations accepted to help cover the cost.

Women's Ministry: The Table

The Table is starting up again! This is a one-time commitment with the purpose of meeting other ladies at Bethany. There are lots of fun activities over the next several weeks. You can sign up at the table in the foyer or online at bethanycentral.org/thetable.

Graduate Recognition
Sunday, May 19

Next week we will recognize those who are graduating from the Bethany Church family. If you would like your graduate to be included in that list go bethanycentral.org/graduates and fill out the form there for each of your graduates. Let us know their name and where they are graduating from so we can recognize them.

GO Partners Brad & Ruth Visitng
Sunday, May 19

Brad & Ruth F. will be visiting. They will be sharing about their ministry in the Crossroads Sunday School during first service and will be interviewed during the second service. Everyone is invited to hear them share about their ministry in Rm 808 in the adult ministry wing.

BEST Lunch and Learn
Monday, May 13, 11:00 am

BEST (Boomers Engaged in Serving and Sharing Together) is hosting a lunch that will take place in the High School Room. Open a hymnal and sing along with some of Bethany’s young musicians, followed by one of Pastor Lyall’s famous lunches. Use your myBethany to RSVP or call the church office.

Discussion Questions

Icebreaker Question

What days or events did you long for so eagerly that you moved from mere waiting to ‘hastening’?

Discussion Questions

Why does God describe His day as coming ‘like a thief’?
What should we expect in the future and how should that impact the way we live now?
What does Peter describe as a defining characteristic of the new heavens and new earth? What parts of your life long for that and what parts of your life might be incompatible with that vision?

Application Questions

What might it look like for you to not only ‘wait’ for the coming day of God but to ‘hasten’ it?
Are there any areas, relationships, or routines in your life that God is bringing to mind for you to change to be better prepared for the day of the Lord?
What step might God be calling you to take to live a life of greater holiness and godliness?

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