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August 13, 2023

Video Discussion Q+A

1) Why did Herod keep persecuting the church? What did he do to Peter?

He saw that it improved his standing with the Jews. He was already in political hot water, and this helped with his rule. After he killed James the apostle, he arrested Peter and put him into prison in Jerusalem. His plan was to bring Peter out after Passover, the same time of year that Pilate brought out Jesus to the crowds. In the meantime, he had 4 squads of soldiers guarding him.

2) Who helped Peter escape from prison? When did Peter realize his escape was real?

An Angel of the Lord came to Peter’s rescue. The chains came off Peter miraculously, and the Angel led Peter out past the guards, and miraculously the gate that led into the city popped open itself. This was when Peter realized he wasn’t dreaming.

3) Where did Peter go after the angel delivered him? Did they believe it was really Peter?

Peter went to John Mark’s house (the Mark who wrote the 2nd Gospel), and probably the same house where Jesus had the passover with his disciples and where the tongues of fire came down in Acts 2. The servant girl knew it was Peter (similar to his denials), but it took the believers actually seeing Peter to believe he was really freed from prison.

4) Why did the Lord strike down Herod during his speech to the people of Tyre and Sidon?

Herod received the people’s worship as he stood before them. He had shiny silver robes that reflected in the Sun (prompting the crowd’s worship). Instead of giving glory to God, he took the glory himself. This is so different from Acts 10:26.  

5) What does this story have to teach us about God and about us?

This story teaches us about the power of God to deliver his people. It teaches us about the wisdom of God and his sovereign plan can be trusted whether or not he delivers his people from physical death. It teaches us that there is no one like God. It finally teaches us that nothing can stop the spread of the Gospel (12:24). God’s word and the power of the Gospel will spread no matter what kind of king rises up to persecute God’s people.

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