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March 13, 2022

Kings Lesson 3 – God Punishes Solomon (I Kings 11)

1. What were the three things Solomon was not supposed to increase? Did he listen to Deuteronomy 17?

The King was to not acquire riches for himself, horses for his army, and wives for himself. Gold, Girls, and Giddy-up. The three ‘G’s. Solomon disobeyed each one of these commands. God warned that these three things would lead a king to trust in himself instead of trusting in God. This is exactly what happened to Solomon.

2. Why did Solomon marry so many wives? What did he do for his wives that was so shocking?

The Bible says he clung to them in love. He loved them more than he loved God. His heart made these women an idol, and these women served idols and had Solomon worship them too.

3. What was God’s Judgment on Solomon? How was God merciful too?

God’s judgment on Solomon would be that God would take the kingdom away from Solomon, and give it to one of his servants. However, God was merciful to Solomon, not because of Solomon, but because God is full of steadfast covenant-keeping love. So, God would hold off his punishment for several more decades until Solomon’s son, Rehoboam became king. God would also let Rehoboam keep a tribe in Israel, he would keep a remnant because God was being faithful to his promise to David in 2 Samuel 7.

4. Which three enemies did God raise up against Solomon?

How is this different from the beginning of his reign? God raised up Hadad, an Edomite. He raised up Rezon who was in Damascus. Lastly, he raised up Jeroboam, one of Solomon’s servants. Even though Solomon made all these alliances and had all of these wives, it still was not enough.

5. How does Jesus show he’s a better King than Solomon?

Unlike Solomon, Jesus kingdom will continue forever. Jesus’s heart was fully devoted to God. Jesus was filled with even more wisdom than Solomon (Colossians 2:1-3). Jesus did not trust in riches, in fact, he had nowhere to even lay his head (Luke 9:58). Jesus did not trust in women and alliances, he resisted the devil’s temptations and was only concerned with pleasing his Father and did not try to make deals with any kings or people in religious power. Jesus did not create an earthly army (Luke 22:50), or call down his heavenly army (Matt 26:53). Instead, he kept trusting in God to deliver him (1 Peter 2:23) in God’s timing.

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