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October 1, 2023

Video Discussion Q+A

1) How did the people of Malta welcome Paul and the people from the ship?

They were kind to Paul and his shipmates and took them in and gave them a fire, probably also gave them some food.

2) What happened for the people of Malta to think Paul was a god?

Even though he got bit by a poisonous snake, the snake had no effect on Paul. This led the people to think that Paul was someone incredibly special, someone with divine power.

3) Who did Paul heal when he was on Malta? How did the people of Malta send Paul off after the winter?

He healed many people, but the one Luke highlights is the healing of the chief leader’s Father. Paul prayed with him (showing he was dependent on God) and laid his hands on him and his father was healed from his sickness. The people gave Paul and his shipmates everything they needed to make the journey.

4) Why was Paul so encouraged when he saw other Christians when he arrived at Rome?

Christians came from many miles around the city of Rome to come see him when he arrived there. No doubt word had gotten around that the Apostle Paul was coming. Even though Paul had never been to Rome, the Gospel had already spread to some people there who believed in Christ. This encouraged Paul greatly because his letter to the Romans had been received 3 years before and he had many friends who were already there (see Romans 16:1-16).

5) After 3 days in Rome, who did Paul call together to come hear his message? How did they respond?

Paul called all the Jewish leaders together to tell them his story, why he was in Rome, and what his message was. He tells them what he had told so many Jews before. He tells them Jesus is the Messiah and that the Old Testament points to him. Finally, he tells them that this message is for Gentiles too and if the Jews reject it, the gentiles will listen, just like the prophet Isaiah had said. Some Jews believed, many didn’t.

6) What does Paul spend his time doing for the next two years in Rome?

Though he was living under house arrest, he was free to talk about the message of Jesus for anyone who wanted to come and hear. The message of the Gospel had now gone to ‘the ends of the earth’ and anyone who wanted to know about Christ could come and hear without being stopped. This is the power of the Gospel. This is about the building up of the church in all places in the world. This is what the book of Acts is all about. 

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