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September 24, 2023

Video Discussion Q+A

1) Where was Paul sailing to? Why was he on the trip in the first place?

Paul was setting sail for the long voyage to Rome. He had appealed to Caesar, and so because of his Roman Citizenship, that was a request that was to be answered.

2) Why did Paul tell the men to stop trying to set sail? Did they listen to him? (27:10)

Paul had a good suspicion (or a hunch) that the trip would end with a lot of difficulty, lost cargo, and loss of life. The Centurion listened to the captain and the owner of the ship, not Paul.

3) When the massive storm hit, how many days did they sail in the storm not knowing where they were going?

They sailed for 14 days with the storm raging the whole time. They threw over the cargo, they went without food, and they thought they would die soon.

4) Paul said earlier that people would lose their lives on this trip. What changed his mind? (27:22-26)

Paul received a vision of an angel from God that promised Paul that he would stand before Caesar and that all the men who were sailing with him would be safe, only the ship would be lost.

5) After they saw land on the 14th day, how did the Centurion save Paul’s life? (27:42)

The Roman soldiers were going to kill the prisoners instead of allowing them to escape, but the centurion stopped them. All the men, soldiers and prisoners (276 people) were saved and brought to the land.

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